Nardo Manaloto

Nardo Manaloto is a healthcare technology executive with 22+ years of management and consulting experience in solving healthcare challenges using innovation, user centered design, and business, service and technology architectures.

Nardo had worked in many areas in healthcare from the health plan, provider, hospital, patient, consumer and community point of view. Nardo’s core competency is in platform or eco-system design and product design and development to solve challenging and complex systemic issues in healthcare.

Nardo also had won several healthcare innovation awards for solution spanning the areas of secure messaging, communication and social collaboration, mobile applications, complex clinical and business systems and virtual care. For the last five years, Nardo had worked on several AI based products including virtual humans, artificial general intelligence (AGI) and natural language understanding and processing (NLU/NLP) and is very familiar current capabilities, limitations and trends.

His current position at Beyond Limits, an exclusive AGI technology commercialization arm of Caltech/JPL, gives him the opportunity to work with world class scientists who are experts in solving highly complex problems.